To be the preferred supplier of quality seafood to the elite markets of the World


To promote health and wellbeing through quality food products to every consumer

Supran Exim Private Limited was incorporated on 27th November, 2012 and commenced operations on 14th December, 2012. Since then, we have proceeded in the path of excellence with the goal of being a global leader in seafood exports without any look-back. Supran Exim is built on the strong foundations of Supran Agri-Tech Pvt. Ltd., the sister company with a 22 year aquaculture feed business comprising of a vast widespread network along the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. Supran Exim Pvt. Ltd., is pioneered by professionals with huge experience and skills turning the job into the science of aquaculture and not just any other export business. We at Supran Exim Pvt. Ltd., strive every second for excellence in every aspect we undertake i.e., from shrimp cultivation to shrimp shipment assuring buyer’s satisfaction and quality at every level.

Supran Exim Pvt. Ltd., Kakinada owns 160 Hectares (approx. 400 acres) farming land in East Godavari and Visakhapatnam districts of Andhra Pradesh rich in aquaculture, thereby facilitating procurement of assured quality farm-fresh shrimps which contributes to about 800 Mt. We also procure quality material from renowned farmers in the locality who are a part of the Supran Agri-Tech aqua feed network which accounts to about 1500 Mt summing up to a huge 2300 Mt per annum.

To meet the huge processing requirements, Supran Exim Pvt. Ltd. entered into processing agreement with VB Exports & SSF Ltd., major processors with modern processing facilities in Visakhapatnam and Kakinada, two major coastal cities of Andhra Pradesh, India. Both the factories are equipped with modern freezing facilities like IQF machine, plate freezers, blast freezers & trolley freezers to process and pack fresh shrimp as well as other seafood varieties.

The company is an amalgamation of integrated own farm land, feed distribution network, best-equipped processing factories and well-experienced professionals making it whatever a buyer needs to it to be meeting buyers’ requirements throughout the year.

The buyer-friendly management policy of Supran Exim Pvt. Ltd. gives the buyer a very good experience throughout the process developing ever-lasting relations with the buyers.

We process different kinds of raw Vannamei products which include but not limited to raw IQF / Blocks / PD / PDTO / Ez PEEL / HONSO / HON etc., to meet our buyer needs all over the world.

Buyer Satisfaction is our Business.

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